Products’ Guarantee

Guarantee of products purchased through La Blancherie only covers defects and damages stemming from manufacturing and material defects when they are used according to their manufacturing purpose. La Blancherie shall not cover defects nor damages due to the incorrect use or abuse of products. In this case, customer is the sole responsible. 

Out of Stock / Delivery delays

In case selected products are out of stock or delayed, La Blancherie shall contact the customer to invite him or her to choose among these options:

  • To continue waiting selected product delivery (in case of delivery delays)
  • To cancel purchase and to get a reimbursement through the same payment method used in the purchase.
  • To choose an alternative product offered by La Blancherie for this particular case.
  • To cancel purchase and to get a purchase order for the same amount.

IMPORTANT: for the above-mentioned situations, the customer has a 10 (ten) day period to choose among these options. In case the customer remains in silence, La Blancherie shall assume that the customer has cancelled the purchase and it shall reimburse the stablished amount through the same payment method used in the purchase.

Reimbursement of Payment

In the above-mentioned situations and when the customer chooses to receive a payment reimbursement, such customer shall take into account it may delay some days due to the administrative procedures.

In case the reimbursement is done through a bank deposit, the bank account shall be in the same name as the user account from where the purchase was done. In case those names do not match, written approval of the user of the account shall be required as essential to make the deposit.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

All prices shown in the website include VAT otherwise expressly stated.


All prices in the website are shown in Pesos Argentinos, US Dollars and Reales.

Delivery Time

Delivery time depends on products’ availability, shipping time and payment approvals. Days stated are estimations provided by shipping companies (OCA, FedEx) and they must be considered as from payment approval by the payment processing company (Mercado Pago or PayPal) 

After purchasing, customer will receive an email including confirmation of order acceptance and the order number.  

To ensure delivery efficiency, products are delivered by specialized companies.

Shipping Costs

Customer shall be clearly informed of shipping costs before purchasing. Such costs are calculated considering the recipients’ address and purchase products weight.

Shipping costs shall be detailed as a separate item in the invoice. La Blancherie is continuously working to improve quality and shipping costs for its customers. Therefore, such costs and shipping policies are subjected to change without previous notice.

Shipping address

Shipping address shall be indicated by user. It may not correspond to customer place of residence. The customer is responsible for carefully completing and revising all information related to delivery in order to complete purchase, shipping and delivery efficiently and punctual. Mailbox shipping is not allowed. In international shipping, delivery in the destination country may be subjected to products recipient country customs law. Customer is responsible for customs law procedures and obligations in the recipient country.

Furniture Shipping

Furniture Shipping is exclusively limited to Argentina.

The company shall not be responsible for damages during shipping and delivery to different provinces in Argentina.

Customer shall specify transportation or commission agent in charge of products’ delivery, and they will be responsible for picking up products from our deposit and controlling them before delivering. A perfect state certificate shall be signed before products delivery. Such transportations services shall be paid by the customer.

The company shall hand over packed products in the deposit in Buenos Aires. Such service has an additional cost depending on product's volume and weight.

Customer shall state the following information to prepare the corresponding documents: Name, Last Name, ID, Address, Telephone number.

Damages or loses during delivery

The company shall not be held responsible for damages or loses of products during transportation.

We offer packaging services and delivery to a post service office without additional charges.

In case customer prefers so, a product insurance may be required from the post service company (OCA or FedEx). Depending on product’s declared value, damage or loses insurance may be charged.

Reserve Rights Intellectual Property

All rights contain in this website are reserved and property of La Blancherie.

This website content (text, logotypes, graphics, and design) as well as all software and database are property of La Blancherie and it has right to use them according to the license of use granted. It is also protected by current national and international law related to intellectual property.

If the user considers that this website violates or alters in any way third parties intellectual property rights, he or she should notify La Blancherie with all necessary documents and information to support such consideration.

Personal Information Protection

All information and data voluntarily provided through this website shall be included in a database under La Blancherie responsibility in order to provide a customized service according to users’ needs improving user channel of communication. Data could also be used to prepare statistics and market researches. Furthermore, registering in this website implies that the company may send newsletters and mails with institutional, commercial and promotional information from La Blancherie. If you do not want to continue receiving above mentioned messages, you can ask for message cancellation sending an email to: info@lablancherie.com

Acceptance of above-mentioned terms and conditions provides expressed, free and informed consent regarding addition, usage and treatment of user’s personal information by La Blancherie. La Blancherie shall treat and use all personal information according to Data Protection Law 25.326 and related current legislation, using all technical and organizational means necessary to safeguard, storage, keep and provide confidentiality of such information in order to avoid modifications, loses or unauthorized access.